7 Steps for Real Estate Marketing on Craigslist – Step 1

Craigslist is be where real estate buyers go to look for a great deal.

The format is very basic and boring, but that simplicity creates a fairly even, user-friendly playing field. Still there are a few strategies that will give you a competitive advantage, helping you stand out from other listings.

On any given day, in the Houston Area, there may be over 1000 posts in the general housing section. Approximately 200 for each category (real estate by broker, real estate by owner, apt/housing for rent, etc…) Some of these posts are by the same people, so it’s hard to tell how many individual brokers and agents use Craigslist. Based on the total number of homes for sale at any given time in the Houston Area, Craigslist seems like an underused tool for Real Estate Marketing, and an open opportunity if you have 10 minutes for some FREE MARKETING.

So far my Craigslist marketing has been fairly successful, although I’ve hit a few bumps along the way. Almost every time I post, I get 15-30 click-throughs to my website. This may or may not be common for other real estate postings (I’ve heard “claims” of 100s of click-throughs), however I’m posting about AUCTION PROPERTIES. This probably works because, as stated before, Craigslist is where buyers go to find great deals.

STEP 1: Define Your Objective

Do you want a prospective buyer to call or email you immediately?

Do you want to drive traffic to your listing on MLS?

Do you want to drive traffic to your website?

Do you want multiple calls to action?

I suggest that you learn and try ALL OF THE ABOVE….they key to marketing is to TEST…TEST….TEST. Different tactics can be used to achieve each of these objectives. Different properties may require different tactics. Your copywriting skills may also determine which of these is the most effective FOR YOU. Occasionally, you may produce an excellent ad, but buyers just don’t want what you’re selling.

Craiglist marketing is not a guaranteed success, however it can definitely:

  • Make your phone ring
  • Increase web traffic to your listing
  • Build your brand by driving traffic to your website, blog, or social media
  • Enhance your service offering

In the next few steps, I will provide suggestions that relate to each of the objectives above. Please post a comment if you have other objectives that you would like to address.

THE NEXT STEPS…..(Dripping over the next few days)

STEP 2: Getting Verified

STEP 3: Basic Rules

STEP 4: Writing A Captivating Title

STEP 5: Descriptions To Achieve Different Objectives

STEP 6: Tools To Help Optimize Your Ad and Processes

STEP 7: Tracking your Craigslist Marketing Campaign